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Psychic Power - Information about Psychic Power

Psychic Power - Details about Psychic Power.

The psychic power is the totality of mind power based on the bio magnetism, concentration and focusing ability of the mind of a person. This is gauged in various parameters in cosmic healing like

1. Bio-magnetic radiation (BMR)

2. Diameter of Psychic Chord,

3. Vibration

4. Radius of the Aura

5. Core energy power etc.

By using dowsing methods it has been found that the psychic parameters of a person increase enormously in cosmic healing when compared to other systems of energy healing.

The healing results of a cosmic healer have been found to be much more perfecting, good and long lasting as compared to other systems.


The human body is a biologically active one. The body radiates a magnetic field, which we call as Bio Magnetic Radiation (BMR). The magnitude of this radiation differs from person to person based on the mind power, mind control and other factors. There is no sensitive equipment available yet to measure this magnetic field. The presently available equipments are of limited value.
The other method that looks reliable is an occult method using a powerful mind called Dowsing.


Every human body has an energy chord connecting the human energy body to the cosmos. Through this chord cosmic energy flows into the body continuously. The normal diameter of this chord is between 10 mm. It varies for people of different nationalities and races based on their basic practices of mind control and Divinity and stress free life.

This widened chord allows the maximum flow of cosmic energy for faster healing in a very short time.

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Anonymous said...

Human beings often underestimate the power accessible to them in different kinds of healing. Thank you for drawing reader attention to these fascinating concepts. We can always expand on what we think we know. Life is a constant learning curve for those who are open to the infinite possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

It's remarkable to learn more about the many aspects and curves of the human spiritual sciences. Of course what we have learned is far from knowing the whole mystery. But to learn and to know, to understand about our self brings us closer to nature and The Maker. As learning about ourselves is one of the way of gratitude.

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May this holiday bring us new inspiration...
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great info...hepi Nu year!!

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