Thursday, September 04, 2008

Needed for Meditation

What is needed for doing Meditation?

1. Separate Room:

Having a separate room for practicing meditation can be very helpful. It is possible to build up a vibration in a room. So that when you enter into the room, your mind becomes silent and ready for deep meditation.

2. Hatha Yoga:

Practicing hatha yoga can make you more energetic and fit for long meditation sessions. The easy and basic hatha yoga exercises work best for meditation.

3. Philosophies:

Don’t bother about philosophies. Philosophies give your mind more to think about. Meditation is a step beyond the thought process.

4. Food and Diet:

Food should not be made the fundamental basis of your practice. It is essential to maintain a nutritionally adequate diet. Most people find that a vegetarian or semi vegetarian diet supplemented with dairy products and eggs is generally best for meditation, but not essential.

5. Drugs and Alcohol:

Avoid drugs and alcohol. Drugs are not an effective path to enlightenment.

6. Sex:

To meditate one must be in a very natural and relaxed state of mind, without repression or tension. Have sex when you wish and do not force celibacy upon yourself in the hopes that it will lead to enlightenment. Celibacy can only be of value if it occurs naturally, without effort.

7. Awareness:

Practice choice less awareness throughout the day. Meditation becomes as continuous and spontaneous as breathing.

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