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Cholesterol and Trigylcerides

Cholesterol's and learning about Trigylcerides.

When it comes to learning how you can become healthier, you will be able to lower you cholesterol and you will want to check your body’s levels of a fat called triglyceride. You will find that cholesterol and triglyceride are both lipids in your body that will help your body to survive. If you don’t try to maintain healthy levels of fats in your body, you will be at risk for a heart attack and stroke. There are many people who will check with their doctor about their cholesterol levels so that they are able to stay healthy and so the heart can tick stronger than ever. You will want to inquire about your triglyceride levels because you doctor may not inform you of your personal level.

Triglycerides are tested as part of your cholesterol test and it will be the fourth number , that happens to follow the good and bad cholesterol levels and your total cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, medical research has only recently been started on the effects of triglycerides in the blood stream. Usually, there are levels of triglycerides and the levels of bad cholesterol, as well as the good cholesterols. So it is apparent that lower levels of triglycerides are better for your body.

However, it is not yet apparent if triglycerides are contributing to the problems of high LDL cholesterol or if high levels are a symptom of high LDL cholesterol. They are still trying to study this type of problem, but there are doctors who aren’t quite sue on how to recommend treatment for the triglyceride levels. Most of the time, lowering high LDL cholesterol and raising low HDL cholesterol brings triglyceride levels back into a normal range with no additional work.

You will find that there are some special cases where the higher levels of triglycerides are being treated in patients. You will find that a normal reading of triglyceride is lower than 150. You will find that anything about the 150 is considered to be high and if you are over 500, then the levels are extremely high and it could dangerous to your health. Most patients that are being treated for high triglyceride also suffer from syndrome X. The syndrome X is a genetic default that will cause you to have high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, also hypertension. You may also have abnormal blood clotting and issues with insulin.

This is the reason why patients with the syndrome X are at high risk for heart attack. Your high triglyceride levels can be easily treated if you lose some weight and exercise. You may also need to get on some medication, although, a diet could be just as helpful. If you may think that you suffer from the syndrome X, then you will want to learn more about your levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. You can do that by talking to your doctor. You will go to your doctor for a simple blood tests and it will measure the lipids in your blood so that you can stay heart-healthy. You will want to also talk to your doctor about changing habits in your diet and exercise routines so that you can life healthy and you may also want to check out your medications so that you can make sure that you are being medicated to your advantage.

Even you can do yoga as an exercise for your health. Before practicing yoga, consult your physician.

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