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High Cholesterol in Diabetics - link between cholesterol and diabetes

High Cholesterol in Diabetics.

For those who have diabetes, you have a condition where the body and pancreas is not producing enough insulin for your body to properly function. You will find that it puts you at risk for vision trouble and your doctor will give you plenty of warnings once you are diagnosed or if you are on your way to developing diabetes. You will notice that there are many discoveries about the link between cholesterol and diabetes.

You will also notice that this link is called Macular edema and it be very harmful to your health. You will notice that diabetes and high cholesterol will be very harmful to your health. If you have both of then, you will want to make sure that you pay close attention to your diet and that you increase your levels of excise so that you don’t lose your sense of sight or become affected by diabetes and high cholesterol horrors.

The illness, macular edema is where you lose vision or become blind in one or both of the eyes since there is water in the macular of the eye. High glucose levels in the bloodstream, which happens when your body does not produce insulin, puts you at a greater risk for developing macular edema, and the surgery to relieve this condition, if it is even possible, is dangerous and difficult. The recent studies show that there are diabetics to suffer from high cholesterol are more likely to develop macular edema.

You will want to note that there are both good and bad kinds of cholesterol. Good cholesterol is needed in the body, and is called HDL. Bad cholesterol, called LDL, produces excess lipoproteins in the blood stream, which build up on blood vessel walls. You will find that scientist claim that it is this that will cause heart attacks and may be responsible for strokes, and you will want to take a healthy approach to life so that you can afford the risk of suffering from such disorders. Because diabetic patients are two to four times more likely to develop macular edema if they also have high levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood stream, they need to be extra careful about their diets.

You may not know this, but there are foods like eggs, fish, and milk that happen to contain a lot of bad cholesterol, however, these foods are foods that are praised to be healthy for you. Foods high in trans fats are also culprits for LDL cholesterol. Although we do need some LDL cholesterol in our body for things such as cell membrane production, our livers produce most, if not all, of what we need to function Meaning that you will have to limit your intake of such foods.

You will find that by avoiding such foods that are high in cholesterol you will be able to keep your vision by preventing all of the macular edema risks and diabetic patients will be able to find some control. Low cholesterol diets are needed for anyone and everyone. You will need to think about your diet and how healthy you are. You will want to make sure that you do all that you can to become healthy with diet and exercise. You can check your cholesterol levels by using a home test kit and you will be able to check the levels more accurately when you go to your doctor. If you stay healthy you will be able to prevent macular edema and you will be able to avoid some serious health problems.

Even you can do yoga as an exercise for your health. Before practicing yoga, consult your physician.

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