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Mirror Gazing or Tratak - how to do tratak

Mirror Gazing


Mirror gazing is a form of tratak. Tratak is the ancient yogic practice of fixing one's gaze on an object with total intensity. You can also practice tratak (Mirror Gazing) by staring at a candle’s flame. While practicing tratak, you must motionless and allow yourself to become totally absorbed by the object you’re viewing.

How to do Mirror gazing or tratak?
Sit in front of a mirror. Watch the reflected image in the mirror. Now set your focus just above the head. Now you view the wall behind you. Using this technique you view your physical body as a shadow. Watch for twenty minutes. Now close your eyes and continue your meditation for another twenty minutes.

What is the preferable time for practicing Mirror gazing or tratak?
Preferable time to practice this method (Mirror Gazing) is in morning only (6 to 7am). Normally tratak using with mirror doubles the power of your meditation session.
In your daily meditation, you can do this twice a week.

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