Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Night Meditation - receive cosmic energy by doing night meditation



Receive Cosmic Energy from the Universe

Step 1:

Spread your body on the floor.

Let the limbs relax completely.

Close your eyes.

Step 2:

For two minutes suggest to yourself that the body is relaxing.

Gradually the body will become relaxed.

Then for next two minutes suggest that your breathing is becoming tranquil.

Gradually the breathing will become quiet.

Then for another two minutes suggest that thoughts are coming to a halt.

Note :

Make no attempt to control your breathing.

Let flow completely naturally.

Be as attentive as possible.


This willed auto-suggestion leads to complete relaxation and emptiness.
The breath diminishes and leads to the meditative state.

This calms the mind and stills thoughts.
You’ll receive more cosmic energy.
When the mind has become perfectly calm, be totally awake in your inner being.

Be a witness to the tranquility.

This witnessing will lead you to your self.

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1 comment:

cocobehere said...

to sugjest my body relax, thoughts to calm. rather than willing it too, sugjesting has turned out to be a great stepping stone :)

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