Friday, July 20, 2007

Mantras - Ancient Secrets Revealed

Beware your thoughts as they become your words (mantras)
Beware your words as they become your actions
Beware your actions as they become your habits
Beware your habits as they are your fate - The Tao

A mantra is literally translated as magic spell as per sanscrit (language).

The yogis and kings (royal families) of past uses the Secret Mantras.

The yogis can sleep while remaining conscious. For ordinary people we can use a secret technique that these Zen Masters, Taoist Masters and Yogis have been teaching their closest students for centuries. Fall asleep to the words of your personal mantra and wake up to it.

Mantras are not religious. The meditation mantras were for direct specific issues in our life. They had narrow application and effectiveness. They were used to change your life.

example mantra : Ommm

Learn some meditation techniques:

Learn some mantras for your spiritual and material life:

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