Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rolfing Tissue Therapy - Alternate medicine using Rolfing

Rolfing - The Alternative Tissue Therapy for stress relief.

Rolfing is a physical way to manipulate the body soft tissues. Rolfing is a term used in structural integration. Rolfing is going to organize the relationship of soft tissues to each other in order to harmony to the body and allow free movement. Rolfing is going to enhance a person’s well being and it is going to be used in many different parts of alternative medicine and it is thought to be an excellent process in helping a person get rid of stress and move around easier.

Ida Pauline Rolf is the person that is responsible for finding this technique and it has been appropriately named for her. In the 1950’s Rolf took her knowledge in biochemistry to develop a method to involve the body in realignment to relation to gravity. She termed this process Structural Integration of the Human Body. Since the 1970’s Rolfing has been used to realign the body and is used to create a happy state of mind.

Using the process of Rolfing will mean touching the skin of a person in order to find any imbalance in the tissues structure of the body and to separate what Ida Rolf called fascial layers that will start and muscles will be pulled out of the position due to energy. Rolfing is a massage technique and it will work to let out the pressure for the tissue of any stress that many have cause them harm. According to Rolfing, all of the parts of the body are aligned even the ankles, pelvis, hips, knees, and shoulders. It is the only way that the body will be balanced with gravity and in the state of having a good relaxation and gives more happiness to the person.

Using these techniques in the right way is hard to do and a certified Rolfing therapist needs to spend a lot of years learning and researching it. This will cost about $10,000. There is only one school located in Colorado that will teach this technique and there are a couple of others schools that will learn students something similar called structural integration instead of Rolfing. They are different in name; they are almost the same thing. 

There are a lot of people that do not believe in Rolfing. Therapists are using the techniques and have found it to be successful and many patients have said to be more relaxed and happier when they are leaving a Rolfing session. Using the tissue therapy and naturals forces of gravity means that Rolfing is going to grow and become more popular in all parts of the world in the future.

For relaxation Rolfing is a good therapy.

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