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Psychic power - An introduction to Psychic power

Psychic Power - Extrasensory ability or Extra Sensory Power (ESP) - An introduction and types of psychic abilities with explanation.

Psychic power is known as an extrasensory ability or Extra Sensory Power (ESP). Every one of us has psychic powers (ESP), extrasensory abilities that can extend our experience and insight to the world we live in.

We depend upon these extra sensory abilities (ESP s) even without realizing it. Using intuition to make decisions is a good example. Normally we are making 'lucky' guesses, especially in areas that we are skilled in or enjoy.

But for most of the time, we remain unaware of this extra sensory power (ESP) potentially explosive ability that we have at our fingertips!

As much as it is true that we all have these abilities (psychic power or extra sensory power (ESP)), just like any gift or facility, these talents (psychic power or extra sensory power (ESP)) can lie dormant until they are developed through practice and exercise. Before going into the development of these gifts (psychic power or extra sensory power (ESP)), it is important to understand that there are many types of psychic ability (psychic power or extra sensory power (ESP)).

Types of psychic abilities:
There are many types of psychic ability and some of them are stated below.

Clair means “clear”.

Clairvoyance, or clear vision, allows you to see with your mind’s eye. Clairvoyance is the ability to psychically see clearly. This gift allows you to pick up on information about a person by seeing images or symbols that pertain to something going on in another person’s life.

Clairaudience or Clear Audience allows you to hear messages. Clairaudience is the ability to psychically hear clearly. In clairaudience messages are received from etheric realms through hearing. People having this gift may hear spirit messages audibly or within their mind.

Clairsentience is the ability to touch an object and receive accurate information about the owner, whether living or passed on. Clairsentience is the ability to psychically feel or sense clearly. This gift brings the gut feeling or “knowing” of something about another person without having human knowledge of it beforehand.

Clairempathy allows a person to feel (within their body or emotions) the feelings, pain or needs of another person. Whenever there is a world catastrophe or an instance where someone nearby is suffering, people with this gift may begin to pick up on this energy and become a surrogate.

Clairgustance has to do with receiving a message from spiritual realm through the sense of taste. You may be able to taste something that you have not eaten or even been near.

Clairscent allows a person to smell a fragrance or odor from another realm. It is akin to the gift of clear taste or clairgustance. You may smell roses and other heavenly scents while praying or doing meditation.

Claircognisance is the ability to psychically know clearly.

Prophetic or Revelatory Gifts:
Any of the above mentioned gifts may be considered prophetic in nature due to their ability to foretell the future or transmit a message from the heavenly realms. Normally foretelling the future is known as Prophetic.

The Gift of Healing the Sick:
As you ascend in your spiritual progress, you may notice that you have the ability to heal others.
For self healing you can do the meditation for healing.

More will be followed in coming posts...

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Michelle Bentham said...

Hi Bendz...

I appreciate your comment over at my blog, but I feel I need to share something with you.

I don't think I understand why you left this link on my blog - I don't promote, believe in or advocate New Age techniques. Everything you have posted here including the link to Mr. Dyer is in contrast and in disagreement with my blog and my beliefs.

I believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life - He is the only way to God, the only source of true physcial, spiritual and emotional healing. I don't believe it comes through "meditation," "chakras," or any other near eastern type of religious practice, but it comes from a relationship and faith in God Almighty, Jehovah - the One True God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I don't believe we can "mix" religious practices and be okay in that either. (I don't presume to know what your religious beliefs are, but I choose not to practice the observances of others faiths that profess gods other than Jehovah.)

If you continue to visit my blog - please do not include references to New Age websites such as your "cosmic healing" site. I would be happy to dialogue with you privately about any of the matters you believe in and where they disagree with what I believe. I simply do not wish to promote and will not promote the New Age "realities" sited on this blog.

I will say that if you believe them and see them as valid - that is your business - just not something I wish to promote at my blogs.

I am sorry if this sounds offensive - As I said, I am open to discussion and find on your other blogs that you reference God - but then you mix in these other practices at your other blogs... It leaves me concerned and confused as to what you really believe. Thanks again for visiting and reading my blog.

I would have sent this by email, yet, I did not find one... so I find I have to leave this message here.

I hope you understand - I disagree with your comsic healing site, and the things represented here and do not wish to promote it at my blog. I am not passing judgment because I don't know enough about you to understand what you truly believe. I simply do my best to live by my convictions and this is something I must ask of you. I am removing comments from the post you visited for this reason.

Blessings to you in Jesus.

Bendz said...

Hi Michelle Bentham,

Thanks for your comment.

You're a believer.

I'm a seeker.

That's the difference.

Your comment will be visible as long as this blog exists. It's not necessary for me to remove your comment. Because it's your opinion. Why should I worry about it?

Thanks for your visit and comment.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

I like your honesty Bendz!

Jacee Turner said...

You do know this entire message is within itself revealing how much of a hypocrite you are?

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