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Angels - Why are There Angels?

Angels - Why are There Angels?

Why are there angels? One would apt to ask and who would not want to know the answer to that age old question.

Research about Angels in United Kingdom:

A study released in the United Kingdom back in 2002 revealed that based on interviews of 350 respondents who claimed to have had a certain kind of experience with angels, have described a variety of experiences with angels, ranging from visions, messages, sense of touch to convey a sign or warning from a potentially dangerous situation, making their presence felt and a score of others.

Research about angels in United States Of America (USA):

A more recent study conducted in the United States of America where some 1,700 subjects have been surveyed and at least 55 percent of them, including those who claimed to be without practicing any form of religion, believe that they are being protected by a guardian angel.
Another study also indicate that 68 percent of the American public believes that demons and angels are active in the world.

Jewish and Christian traditions carry the popular belief of the existence of angels both in folk theology and folklore.

It can be recalled that the concept of angles have been in the minds of man for around 4000 years, even longer and many believe that angels are sent by God as messengers to bring the truth during critical situations.

Angels, according to Christian beliefs, is what shows proof that God is always His people and is for His people, and angels are like sort of spiritual envoys carrying God’s message to His people.

Initially, many believe that angels play a large part in many Christian lives, but are claimed to not meddle in human affairs or fix problems, but rather our helpers in responding and adhering to the truth. These angels guide people in the way God wants His people to follow a specific situation or circumstance.

The belief in angels is appropriately evidenced with hundreds of references to spiritual beings, also categorically identified as angels in the Bible, which lend credence to their existence in the spiritual realm.

There are specific Biblical references to beings known as ‘angels of the Lord’ who sometimes have been considered as God Himself, however, is actually an archangel which is sent by God to prevent any damage that may happen since the full presence of God can do such to created beings.

However, angles must never be mistaken for spirit guides, since the presence of angels are tasked not to run people’s lives, but only do what they’re sent to do and just observe in the background, which supports the belief that man is imbibed with free will and interference to it should only be limited to guidance and protection, though not directly inferred nor alluded to.

The Guardian Angel, Oil on canvas, 225 x 143 c...Image via Wikipedia

People do not go looking for angels, unlike what people usually do with spirit guides, but they usually come in God’s timing.

Many traditions also believe that one of the primary functions of angels are that of serving as guardians for specific people and some philosophers carry the belief, indicating that they have protective roles in the lives of people.

Among the many instances of angels mentioned in the Bible is the dramatic escape of the Apostle Peter from jail, the life-changing manifestation of an angel who showed himself to Paul on the way to Damascus and the angle who wrestled with Jacob, among many others.

The best answer as to why there are angels is because God intended them to be here to carry out special tasks for the good of mankind.

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