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OM Mantra – OHM Mantra – A U M Mantra – Meaning for OM Mantra

Meaning for OM Mantra -OM / OHM / AUM Mantra Chanting.

OM - OHM – AUM is the universal sound. It is within every word and within everything. So when you chant OM - OHM – AUM Mantra, you merge with all energy and all forms, from the sub-atomic to the universal, from the most gross to the most divine. And when you are tuned in perfectly, you will receive holy frequencies clearly and merge and emerge at one with the source of all and live happily ever after. 

It is impossible to chant OM - OHM – AUM "wrong". It is an insentient sound. But the giver of this sound to the universe knows the intention and devotion of the practitioner and that is by what we will be rewarded. It is said that one minute of sincere chanting is superior to a thousand hours of mere sounding of the words. You can be just reciting a mantra but this will be just mere vibrations in the air. It is the love and worship behind the sound that counts. 

Theoretically OM - OHM – AUM Mantra meaning is, A stands for the physical world perceptible to the senses, the material world. U represents the astral and dream planes, heaven and hell. M is the unknown, deep sleep, and that which is unfathomable to the intellect. Thus OM - OHM – AUM contains the entire spectrum of sound, words, worlds, and concepts. OM - OHM – AUM represents the source of all light, love, and wisdom. 

There is a "correct" way to chant OM - OHM – AUM Mantra. It is made up of three letters: A, U, M. these letters contain all the sounds there are. The A is guttural and comes from the throat. It is pronounced without any part of the tongue or palate in contact. The U sound comes from the middle of the sounding board, the palate. In Sanskrit, the A and U join together to become O. The O sound is vibrated from the navel / solar plexus area and sent up to the sternum to the voice region, the lips, where the M sound is prolonged and vibrated up to the crown of the head. This vibrating M is felt in every cell of the body and is beamed out lovingly, soothingly, powerfully, to everything, everyone, everywhere. 

While mouthing or humming the OM - OHM – AUM mantra, and completely silently within oneself. When done aloud and particularly when done with others, the sound of OM - OHM – AUM Mantra is energizing, calming, and healing. Whenever you’ve got time you can chant the OM - OHM – AUM Mantra. Chanting the OM - OHM – AUM Mantra is advantageous to spiritual development. You can chant the OM - OHM – AUM Mantra with your physical eyes closed, looking through the third eye, and paying attention to your breath. This may seem complex and complicated, but if you practice continuously, the OM - OHM – AUM Mantra reveals itself, your Real Self, to you

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