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Cosmic Meditaion - Energy Body - How to strengthen Energy Body using meditation

Cosmic Meditation &

Energy Body

Cosmic meditation is useful for strengthening our Energy Body. Energy Body is the structure for the Consciousness. The energy body consists of 72000 nadis. Nadis are the energy tubes in our body. The nadis begin from the head and spread all over our body. The place where the nadis begin is called as Bramharandra.

The energy body receives cosmic energy. This energy is used for our daily activities. The energy body received cosmic energy when we’re sleeping and doing meditation. The cosmic energy is needed for our normal daily activities. We’ve got tired, when the cosmic energy in our energy body is low. After sleeping or meditating, we’re refreshed because, our energy body received cosmic energy.
If we’ve got less cosmic energy, then the flow of the cosmic energy is blocked in some parts of the energy body and they leads to diseases in our physical body. Energy Body is the main base for our life and for all of our actions. When we meditate our energy body receives the cosmic energy through the center of the head region also known as Bramarandra. The inflow of cosmic energy is blocked when we’ve got thoughts in our mind.

By doing Meditation, We receive a lot of cosmic energy. This energy flows through all the nadis in our body and it removes the blocks in our energy body. So, The diseases in our physical body is cured. When the cosmic energy is received through the head region, first, we felt heaviness in the head region and later all over the body. When the cosmic energy cleans the energy tubes, we’ve got itching sensation and that particular part is cured. We may get pain in our body. When we continue our meditation, all these pains will disappear. We’ll be freed from all kinds of physical and mental illness.

We can get good physical and mental health by receiving more cosmic energy through doing more cosmic meditation.

Spend some time to know the benefits of meditation.

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