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Vibrational Breath Theraphy

Vibrational Breath Theraphy

Vibrational Breath Therapy is based on classical scientific yogic breathing and the primordial sound, "A-U-M" or "OM" or "OHM". According to science matter and energy are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That substance is a primal energy of vibration of which we are all composed.
All animate and inanimate objects in this universe share the same fundamental unity of existence of Cosmic Energy also Known as Prana, vibrating at different frequencies. The body-mind complex has an electromagnetic field underlying it and connecting it to self consciousness or the soul. 

By practicing the various techniques in Vibrational Breath Therapy we regulate the pranic content of the air we breathe in to cleanse, purify, tone and energies; while chanting "AUM" or "OM" or "OHM" we attune to cellular vibration and integrate both body and mind. In other words we create the optimum conditions within the body-mind complex for renewal, repair and healing.

Normally, We breathe around 25,938 times a day at an average of eighteen breaths per minute and we expel around 60% of metabolic and toxic waste from the body through the lungs in the form of carbon dioxide (and the balance 20% - 40% from the skin and only 10% each form the bladder and bowel). So, we can understand the importance of deep and rhythmical breathing.

It is also believed in yoga that if we breathe at over 70% of lung capacity we start absorbing cosmic energy directly, over and above the oxygen needed by the body. This is achieved by the practice of Pranawa Aum Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises), the Complete Yogic Breath. The chakras (cerebro spinal subtle energy centers), mandalas (archetype symbols), Bindus (acupressure points) and nadis (energy channels/meridians) at the different planes of existence serve as step down transformers to process the high voltage cosmic energy and make it acceptable to nerve plexus and endocrine glands.

Vibrational Breath Therapy treats disease with pure cosmic energy known as Prana (or Chi). This cosmic energy enters the body on the breath and is distributed throughout the system by way of the Nadis (also known as Energy Channels). Both body and mind are energy bodies vibrating at gross and subtle frequencies. They have been programmed to work harmoniously together but through factors sometimes out of our control, can become deprogrammed resulting in disease.

Breathing at 70% capacity and more charges the electromagnetic field activates the circulation of blood and lymph drainage in the body. It harmonies the brain and the nervous system with the muscle-skeletal structure. Chanting "A-U-M" or "OM" or "OHM" opens the mid-eyebrow center (Third Eye), to change at the physical level by balancing center, transactional and transcendental brains, the left and right hemispheres. At a deeper level it integrates body and mind and attunes one to the sixth state of consciousness, thus negating one's ego consciousness and ultimately transcending both body and conscious mind. "A-U-M" or "OM" or "OHM" takes one from the conscious state through a dream state beyond conceptualization; the state of causal silence which exists within us all and wherein renewal, repair and healing take place.

In a Vibrational Breath Therapy program a range of basic and advanced practices are harmoniously blended to suit each individual. The practices chosen will depend upon the evaluation of the student or patient's need based on life-style, the physical, mental and emotional traumas experienced, medical history and present condition.

Vibrational Breath Therapy has succeeded in reversing the progress of ill health in a range of serious conditions such as cancer, asthma, depression, anxiety neurosis and has assisted in managing HIV., multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. In almost all cases where the student or patients committed themselves to the discipline of the daily practice of a Vibrational Breath Therapy program, they achieved a degree of mastery over both body and mind, healing themselves or managing their condition better.
Vibrational Breath Therapy addresses the following requisites for good health by putting the healing potential into the hands of the individual:

· The need to take in the supply of oxygen required by the body.
· Proper circulation of blood and lymph drainage.
· A flexible and supple spine.
· A reasonably small waistline (Weight Loss)
· The health and vitality of the vital organs of the chest, abdominal and pelvic cavities and their efficiency and harmonious function.
· The digestion, assimilation and absorption of food and elimination of toxic wastes.
· A nervous system which can handle our lifestyle of great speed and greater greed.

The daily practice of the chanting of the mantra, "A-U-M" or "OM" or "OHM" to take the body to deep levels of rest and renewal.

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