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Meditation technique for a beginner


In the fast and busy pace of life, we tend to lose focus on the more essential things. And because of the earthly needs that we are trying to meet, we tend to neglect the importance of internal peace.

Need of Meditation:

The lack of internal peace makes a person feel confused, exhausted and unfulfilled no matter how much achievements he earned. This is the primary concern of meditation. Meditation allows the person to watch the flow of his thoughts as he retires to the dictates of his senses. And more significantly, Meditation provides new energy in the monotony of the daily routine.

Meditation is something that needs to be a part of our everyday routine.

In its simplest form, there is satisfaction and renewal of spirit to a more vigorous and active one.

With the little time that meditation requires, you learn more about yourself.

This understanding can even lead you to promising achievements especially in the field of socialization.

While you learn to focus and concentrate, meditation gives a clearer sense of direction.

Meditation technique for a beginner:

For beginners, here is a simple meditation technique that will nurture your consciousness to the realms that go beyond the scientific domain.

This is the way out to convolution and exhaustion.

In the continuous process of meditation, observe how it changes your life, perception and purpose.

Step 1: Preparation for Meditation:

The first step in this meditation technique is to find a quiet and comfortable place to reflect on.

Sit in a comfortable position.

You can cross-leg in a carpet or sit in a chair.

The exact position of meditation doesn’t matter, as long as this makes you feel relaxed and focused.

Then gently close your eyes. This is an essential technique of shutting yourself from the world.

Closing the eyes directs the attention to the internal awareness, the main goal of meditation.

It is because the sense of seeing greatly consumes the energy which in turn takes away the sense of focus. In other techniques, there are also open-eyed meditations. However, the efficacy of those can be low compared to closed-eyed meditations.

Step 2: Relax:


This is another important factor when meditating.

Watch the space and the darkness.

Put your attention to the flow of your thoughts that passes your mind.

Watch how these thoughts rise and fall.

This time, your subconscious becomes more vibrant and aware.

Step 3: Mantra:

Repeat the mantra.

This will keep you focused.

An effective mantra that goes along the internal consciousness is the Sanskrit Sloka, amaram hum madhuram hum.

This means "I am immortal, I am blissful".

The space which you are looking into is reined by the Knower.

The Knower of the space is characterized by immortality and bliss.

Step 4: After Meditation:

After the meditation, rub your two hands and give warmth to your face.

This will help you return to your other activities.


Do this meditation for at least ten minutes, twice a day.

Preferably, at the start and in the end of the day recharge your spirit through meditation.

This is also helpful to alleviate your worries and get you ready to more challenges of life.

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Kell said...

Great article. You don’t need to sit atop a mountain top to benefit from meditation. People from all walks of life reap the benefits of meditation which can deeply relax your mind and increase you concentration. Meditation allows you to focus your mind rather than be distracted by the many internal and external distractions. I write more about my experience with different meditation techniques at
All the best

Usiku (oo-SEE-koo) said...

I like to meditate while exercising.

Liara Covert said...

Relaxing is not generally taught in school. It is a revelation that is heartfelt and also triggers soul-awakening. As you say, meditation is a personal journey. Guidance and tips can certainly useful. Learning continues.

lucky number said...

In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives.
This can be done by meditation, a simple exercises, when practiced on a regular basis, and perfected, will promote in your life, clarity understanding and a calm sense of being.

Most people of today are caught up in the desire for accruing possessions and recognition, whether it be in their jobs or financial status. The western world has forgotten that life is more than worldly gain, and in doing so constantly seek fulfilment, unfortunately it is based on material achievement.

Anonymous said...

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Cosima said...


I don't see the free cosmic healing any longer. What happened?
Can someone help me, please?


Terraconvida said...

Blog muito interessante. Irei visita-lo frequentemente. Obrigado pela visita e respectivo comentário.

Sonia Gallagher said...

Very good and useful article. We live in a society that advocates and pushes you constantly to look and focus outward. We are so surrounded by tasks and deadlines that we never take out time to just be with ourselves and meditate.

Meditation is really a practice that is very easy to do and has incredible benefits to the practitioner. I've been meditating for a few months and the benefits of meditation that I have experienced have been phenomenal physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am much calmer, compassionate, and happier. Because I know that meditation can be a scary and unknown thing for some people, I post about my experiences in my blog to assist others in their journey.

steve said...
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