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Sri Gayatri Mantra - complete details about Sri Gayatri Mantra - how to chant gayatri mantra

Sri Gayatri Mantra - Gayatri mantra Details - How to chant Sri Gayatri Mantra?.

Sri Gayatri Mantra - complete details about Sri Gayatri Mantra with how to chant sri gayatri mantra?

Om bhur bhuvaha svah

tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhimahi

dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

Details : Rig-veda 3.62.10

How to chant Sri Gayatri Mantra?

This is a very important and well known Gayatri mantra, chanted silently in the mind, three times a day.


“Let us meditate on

that worshipable effulgence

of the divine sun, Savitri,

Creator of the Earth,

Heaven and ether, and

who enthuses our meditation.”

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