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OM Mantra Chanting Story

Story about OM -OHM - AUM Mantra

OM – OHM - AUM Mantra chanting makes you at one with everyone, everywhere who is chanting that mantra and with everyone who has ever chanted the mantra. All the saints who have ever reached enlightenment through the technique of chanting that mantra connect with you as you connect with the vibration of the OM – OHM - AUM mantra. You merge with their essence which has been purified and is holy and you become pure and holy because that divine level of existence vibrates only with holiness, peace, and bliss. 

OM – OHM - AUM is the universal sound. It is within every word and within everything. So when you chant OM – OHM - AUM, you merge with all energy and all forms, from the sub-atomic to the universal, from the most gross to the most divine. And when you are tuned in perfectly, you will receive holy frequencies clearly and merge and emerge at one with the source of all and live happily ever after. 

There is an ancient story about OM – OHM - AUM Mantra. Once upon a time a poor uneducated man lived in India who tended a herd of cows for his master. He happened to meet a guru - meditation teacher and was very taken with his calm, loving, gentle and happy nature. He decided to get that experience. So, he went to the teacher and asked him to teach him a way to achieve the inner peace that radiated so obviously from the teacher. The teacher accepted him as his student but quickly found that the man couldn’t understand any of the philosophical points he was making and as a matter of fact couldn’t even remember the mantra OM – OHM - AUM when he tried to teach it to him. 

The teacher lovingly said, "Oh my son, you can’t be taught, and can’t remember anything. But, you are devoted and sincere in your desire to gain happiness. So, I will try to help you. My son, what do you know?"
The man said, "Oh great teacher, the only thing I know is cows. All my life I’ve spent caring for cows. I’m making sure they graze, are milked, and are kept clean."
Well, that’s alright," said the teacher, "then you know what sound the cows make."
"Oh yes," said the man, "they say moo."
"Very well then," said the teacher, "for you, moo will be your mantra. All you have to do is say moo continually and you will reach freedom from suffering and know real bliss." 

So the man chanted moo, moo, moo when he took the cows out to graze and he chanted moo, moo, moo when he milked them, and he chanted moo, moo, moo when he cleaned them. He chanted moo all the time and very soon merged with that vibration, which is OM backward, and reached the highest heights of joyous understanding and lived happily ever after. 

From the above story, we learnt that it is impossible to chant OM "wrong". It is an insentient sound. But the giver of this sound to the universe knows the intention and devotion of the practitioner and that is by what we will be rewarded. It is said that one minute of sincere chanting is superior to a thousand hours of mere sounding of the words. 

When chanting OM – OHM - AUM Mantra aloud and particularly when done with others, the sound of OM is energizing, calming, and healing. Chanting OM – OHM – AUM Mantra completely silently is considered the best method to spiritual development. While chanting the OM – OHM - AUM Mantra with your physical eyes closed, looking through the third eye, and paying attention to your breath. 

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