Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cosmic energy and Consciousness

Consciousness and Cosmic Energy.

Cosmic energy will be received when there is no thought in mind. When there is no thought in mind, then the Self begins observation. The true nature of the Self is observation. When the Self starts observing the mind become empty. When there is no thought in mind, then the cosmic energy flows. When cosmic energy flows, Consciousness connected to the cosmic energy source. This is the only way and it is the Path.

How to achieve this? First you must understand the nature of the mind. The mind is used to maintain our body and to lead our daily day to day life activities. To begin, first we’ve to stop the activities of our body, that is body movement and other activities like seeing, speaking and other things. 

The nature of the Self is Observation. So, we begin by observing our breath. Just observe our natural breath, how it enters into the nostril and comes out. Observe the heat or cooling sensation in the nostrils. By doing this, our thoughts are reduced and we’re fully focusing on the process of breathing. 

Now, watch the length of breath. It varies from small breaths to a long breath. By observing these activities, the thoughts in our mind are reduced and at some point, the thoughts fully stopped and the mind becomes empty. When the mind is empty, we receive the cosmic energy. When we do more meditation, we receive more cosmic energy. The first result of the meditation is if you’ve got any disease, it’ll be cured. A good meditator is a good healer. You can heal others using the cosmic energy.

Slowly, your consciousness will expand and you’ll attain the Oneness. You know yourself. Cosmic meditation is useful to receive cosmic energy and attain the Oneness.

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