Friday, March 07, 2008

Cosmic Meditation - How to begin Meditation

Cosmic Meditation - Preparation for Cosmic Meditation.

A separate room is good for practicing cosmic meditation. Regular time is good for cosmic meditation. After some time, (say around 6 months), you can easily improve your meditation. You can understand many things in and around you.

First, relax yourself. Normally tension can be seen on the cheek muscles, so try to give a smile prior to meditation. Smiling and laughter are excellent tonics for a healthy mind. Laugher or a smile causes enough relaxation and builds up mood, for a good meditation.

Cosmic Meditation requires a good environment.

Cosmic Meditation requires a correct kind of attitude for its growth.

Cosmic Meditation requires a kind of inner co-operation from you.

Cosmic Meditation being a dynamic process cannot happen without a positive attitude on your part.

Cosmic Meditation gets boosted from time to time and from stage to stage when your inner co-operation increases.

Begin with Morning Meditation.

Spend some time to know the benefits of meditation.

Learn some meditation techniques:

Learn some mantras for your spiritual and material life:

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Read more about psychic power, an introduction to psychic powers. You can get more details about cosmic meditation and energy body.

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Jo hedges said...

I really wanted to read your post on Cosmic Meditation, but I just can't make out the text since it shows as dark blue text on a slightly darker blue background.

Bendz said...

Hi Jo,

I'm really sorry for the design. Actually, Just I changed the layout and other settings for testing purpose. Now I think it's readable. Soon, I'll correct the problem. Once again sorry for this. :(

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