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Psychic - What is Psychic? and Scientific view about Psychic

What is Psychic?

The word psychic came from the Greek psychikos —"of the soul, mental" refers to the ability to perceive things hidden from the normal senses through what is described as extra-sensory perception.

In another sense, the word (psychic) also refers to those people said to have such abilities.

The word psychic is also used to refer to theatrical performers who use techniques such as prestidigitation and cold reading to produce the appearance of such abilities.

Belief in psychic phenomena in USA:

Belief in psychic phenomena is widespread in the United States, where a 2005 Gallup poll revealed that 41 percent of Americans believe in extra-sensory perception. Psychics appear regularly in fiction and science fiction.

A large industry exists where psychics provide advice and counsel to clients, though debunkers attribute such putative powers to intentional trickery or self-delusion.

Psychic in scientific view:

The scientific community has rejected claims of psychic phenomena, and no compelling evidence of psychic phenomena has been found. A study using neuroimaging published in 2008 provides the strongest evidence yet obtained that paranormal mental phenomena do not exist.

In 1988 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences gave a report on the subject that concluded there is "no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.".

In 1991 a survey of opinion amongst scientists in the National Academy of Sciences, 96% described themselves as "skeptical" of ESP, although 2% believed in psi and 10% felt that parapsychological research should be encouraged.

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Liara Covert said...

Discovery Television recently broadcast a new series. This explored why human beings only require a handful of people to convict someone to death whereas hundreds of thousands of people claim encounters with aliens and millions of people claim near death experiences (NDEs), yet Science refuses to believe or accept what it cannot explain. Science and Religion have been at odds for eons. This is because people nurture different beliefs, use different senses, tools and mindsets to perceive. Their views are incompatible. It comes back to control. The truth is felt. You are aware of what you choose to accept. Mental blocks prevent self-acceptance and acceptance of other mysterious phenomena. To raise awareness enables you to sense differently.

Anonymous said...

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Simon said...

Liara makes a good point here. There's a mental block in much of the scientific world about accepting - or even investigating - this sort of stuff. But there's some very interesting research into near-death experiences coming up: putting pictures in places where they can only be seen from the ceiling to see if people *really* float above their bodies...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Bendz - Happy New Year to you!

Liara Covert said...

Simon, another point on consensus: just because a large percentage of people do not publically admit they believe something does not mean the thing is untrue, unlikely or improbable. Throughout history, large groups of people, even civilisations, have permitted or reinforced selective ignorance. Even socio-political dogmatism has been known to block their perception. The motives to believe something can seem just as powerful as those motives to portray oneself as sceptical. What a person knows as the truth, deep down, on an unconscious level, is somethign else entirely. Until a person is psychologically ready to acknowledge wounds and emotional baggage that requires healing, then the veils of selective blindness prevail. Human beings have free will. They have abilities they are not ready to perceive. Moving outside a comfort zone happens when it is meant to.

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