Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Cosmic Healer's Personality

Personality for Cosmic Healer

If you’re practicing cosmic meditation regularly for some time, you’ll get the healing power (cosmic healing). If you’re a regular practitioner of cosmic meditation and have a desire to heal, you can develop healing powers. In the beginning you can apply your healing power for yourself to heal your problems. If you’re continuously healing, people with problems automatically approach you. Intuitively you know how to heal or your guru will guide you. 

If someone feels depleted then he or she can do a spot of cosmic meditation after each cosmic healing or at the end of each cosmic healing session and feel rejuvenated. All healers have tremendous capacity to switch on and switch off energies. They can also do cosmic meditation effortlessly. They have the ability to draw cosmic energy from the cosmic forces without effort and therefore there is no chance of depletion.

There are differences between healers. This is an accepted truth. Just like there are differences between people doing any particular activity and this is all related to the inner abilities or the inner understanding of whatever activity that one is doing.

Cosmic Healing does not require any further help. Unlike the acts of medicine or surgery, cosmic healing is an end to the problem or to the disease and to that extent is a one time operation.

More details will come soon about cosmic meditation and cosmic healing...

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