Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cosmic Energy - how to receive cosmic energy



The Cosmic Energy is the energy which exists everywhere in the Cosmos. The Cosmic Energy is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans, animals, plants, molecules and atom. The Cosmic Energy is the 'space' between each and everything in the cosmos. The Cosmic Energy is the energy which keeps the whole Cosmos functioning in order. The Cosmic Energy is also known as 'Life Force' for each and everything.

This Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life. The Cosmic Energy is used to expand our Consciousness. The Cosmic Energy is the base for all our actions and functions in our day to day life..

Receiving Cosmic Energy :
Normally we're receiving a little Cosmic Energy in our deep sleep. We can receive some more in total silence. We are using this Cosmic Energy for our day to day activities of our physcial body and mind like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all other activities needed to lead our daily life. The Cosmic Energy received through deep sleep is not sufficient for our daily activities. So, we feel exhausted, Normally tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses which happened to us. To avoid mental and physical stress, we need more Cosmic Energy. We can get more Cosmic Energy when we meditate.
Cosmic Energy is essential to live our life. Cosmic Energy is a must to lead a healthy and happy life. Cosmic Energy is useful to totally involve in all situations in our day to day life. Cosmic Energy is useful to obtain Knowledge. Cosmic Energy is the only key to expand our consciousness.

Meditation is the only way to receive more Cosmic Energy.

Learn some meditation techniques:

Learn some mantras for your spiritual and material life:

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